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Start your weekends the way you want to: Let someone else take care of the yardwork!

Professional pooper-scoopering has not been lost to a weakened economy, in fact its weathered the storm well and continues to gain popularity thanks to the efforts of some large scooping franchises, a professional organization of scoopers, the novelty of the job, and word of mouth from exuberant customers.


Canine Clean-up does great work. Reliable, professional and even coming to the rescue before big yard parties. We run a pet sitting service at home and they are there to keep our yard looking and smelling neat, year round!
- Rachel Holden

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Starting a Successful Pooper Scooper Business

Get Your Business Mind Right, Matthew Osborn, founder of the original Pet Butler and moderator of Scoopers & Friends Discussion Board shares some great information that will help you start a successful business in any niche.

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comparing pet pooper scooper services

What to look for when hiring a Professional Pooper-Scooper Service

While your primary motivation in finding a pooper scooper may be to get the best deal on scooper service, make sure you are getting the best deal and not just the cheapest deal.

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